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THE PILL and interview with actress Rachel Boston

Jeri Jacquin, Movie Maven

At the San Diego Film Festival this week is the film THE PILL directed by J.C. Khoury with Rachel Boston as Mindy and Noah Bean as Fred. Also in the cast is Anna Chlumsky as Nelly. The film tells the story of Mindy, a young woman who has a one-night stand with Fred.

Fred is more than worried when he thinks about their one night of unprotected sex. He hangs around Mindy for the next 12 hours to make sure she takes both doses of a morning after pill.

I had the opportunity to talk with Rachel Boston about her role, her co-star and what her upcoming projects are.

You look fantastic Rachel, thanks for taking a moment to talk with us.

This is so cool! I really am so thrilled to be here in San Diego.

So tell us about the film THE PILL?

It’s a romantic comedy that takes place in one day. I meet Fred, played by Noah Bean, and we have a one-night stand. Well, the next day he stays with me because he’s worried I’m pregnant. I was drawn to the script because I think women make such interesting choices for their souls when they share themselves. So it follows these two people through a day to see what its like when you wake up and get to know somebody you don’t know.

What drew you to this role?

I think it was passion. I read it. I’m not from New York I’m from a small town in Tennessee. Coming to New York when I was seventeen and experiencing and seeing so many women suffer through the choices they were making. Also it’s very funny but so far from the way I live my own life. I really fell in love with her and her journey. I thought she is going to be such an amazing woman if she can just get past this.

Your co-star, tell us about working with Noah?

He is fantastic. We shot nights on a lot of the filming in New York. We had a lot of conversations at 3 a.m. on the stoop. We talked about what we believe in and what art is. He is such a fantastic theatre actor.

In all of that what did you discover about this films process?

We were given a lot of room to improv and the director, J.C., gave it to us to find ourselves in the scenes. We rehearsed for a week before we started filming. Just the three of us in a room going over everything. During the filming we had a lot of freedom because there was such a small crew.

What are you doing now, besides being here?

<Laughing> I went for a jog in Pacific Beach. I use to live in there and did a series three years ago. It was nice to go back to the stomping ground and see things. I just wrapped a film last week called “It’s a Disaster” then I’m heading to Mexico “In Plain Sight” about US Marshall’s. It’s a really wonderful series.

Have you started filming already?

Yes, I was in season four and they asked me back.

So I have to ask, what do you like more, TV or film? 

Well, with film you know the journey from day one till you finish. With TV you don’t know what’s coming. There is such an exploration to continue. Its fun to grow into a character. I have no idea what’s going to happen next to my character.

Independent Films are doing so well, do you prefer them?

I think it truly depends on the script and the character. For women, honestly, the strongest roles are in television. It truly depends on where your voice lies and how they are showing them. This film gave me a chance to be independent and discover these characters.

That’s the part you enjoy then in Indies, the freedom?

You are able to be creative and do something that isn’t confined. I really enjoy that part of it.

Thank you Rachel and we will look for you this season in “In Plain Sight”.

For more information on the films at the San Diego Film Festival, go to for a schedule and how to obtain tickets. Its a great way to support films in San Diego!




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Saturday, October 1, 2011 00:21:10Jeri Jacquin
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